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Bodhi Cajóns


Originating in Peru, and popularized worldwide, the cajón is fun and easy to play for percussionists of all levels. Bodhi Cajóns share the same roots as our guitars, with excellent construction and putting out vibes that will awaken your musical spirit. The front of surface is made from oak laminate, which creates a deep and rich fundamental tone and focused sound, along with excellent projection. The body is MDF for a neutral sound that does not further color the tone. The tunable snare is a very desirable feature making it easy to adjust the tone with a twist of the knob.

Satin Black Bodhi Cajon
Natural Bodhi Cajon

Special Edition:
Derek Nestler Art Collection Cajóns


Pennsylvania-based digital artist Derek Nestler has been honing his skills in the surrealist style for the past several years. He works mainly in ProCreate, combining new technology with classic art inspiration such as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. His art is thought provoking and engaging, and we’re thrilled to have a special run of cajóns featuring his musings.


Derek can be commissioned for custom work at

Art Collection Bodhi Cajons
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